Transmission Private partnership announcement

by Peter Cafferkey | Posted on 10 October 2018

Transmission Private and Boncerto have this week joined forces to launch the UK's first combined philanthropic and reputation advisory service, allowing individuals, families and family offices to create a truly joined-up, long-term philanthropic strategy.

Exclusively for individuals, families and family offices, the new partnership brings together the best technical philanthropic advice and discreet, dedicated reputational support to ensure clients’ philanthropic work is strategic, targeted, impactful, meaningful, and acknowledged.

Under the new service clients can gain a holistic view of the impact of their philanthropy, not only on the lives of others, but also on themselves and their family.

Clients can access support to understand how and where they can make a difference to causes they care about; secure subtle, balanced coverage for philanthropic and social good projects, creating visibility for causes and good work; and build effective philanthropic structures that ensure long lasting impact and effective governance.

Family offices, private clients and families can also access support to build their brand and reputation through strategic projects; attain political buy-in for philanthropic and social good projects at a local, national and international level, ensuring that projects lead to real, substantive change; and connect, learn and share with other families and actors engaging in the issues that matter to them.

Together, Transmission Private and Boncerto bring together decades of experience and extensive networks in global philanthropic circles, business, politics, and the media. Individually, the companies have supported entrepreneurs, philanthropists and next-generation family members at various levels of their social-good journey -- from first-time givers to global philanthropists.

Peter Cafferkey, CEO of Boncerto says: "The opportunity to magnify the impact of philanthropists through effective communications and reputation management was something that excited us at Boncerto massively. Delivering a coordinated strategy will enable families to ensure that the maximum benefit can be achieved from their desire to do good. Working with Transmission Private, I am thrilled to be launching this service to deliver a much needed bespoke service to families looking to start their philanthropic journey or those who may feel now is the time for a refresh and review.” 

Jordan Greenaway, Managing Director of Transmission Private says: “Transmission Private is committed to high ethical standards and it’s important to us that we have a positive impact. Therefore we are proud and delighted to partner with Boncerto. The service we have developed together provides clients with an outstanding opportunity to increase the impact, visibility and influence of their philanthropic work. It provides families, individuals and family offices with unique new perspectives and outreach, and allows them to create a truly holistic philanthropic strategy.”


About Transmission Private

Founded by Jordan Greenaway in 2014, Transmission Private is highly discreet, specialist reputation advisory practice that works exclusively with private clients and their families. Based in London, but operating globally, the company has developed a reputation for confidentially and meticulous, strategically focused advice. Transmission Private leverages clients’ reputations in subtle, surprising, and strategic ways to further their ambitions, advance their public and private interests, and grant smooth, natural access to new political, social, philanthropic and business circles, whilst protecting and defending them from unwanted media coverage.

Images: Gareth Logue