GUEST BLOG: Helping people and organisations tell their stories

by Thomas Ketchell | Posted on 23 January 2017


We asked tech start-up HSTRY to share the reasons behind their recent re-brand to SUTORI, and how their platform helps organisations tell their story.

Since we launched some eighteen months ago, we have seen creativity blossom as hundreds of thousands of educators and students took to HSTRY. Our mission was clear from the outset: to help history teachers engage their students using technology.

Over time, we saw a pattern emerge outside of the limited scope of an online timeline tool and the social studies space. Whether to present a Shakespeare play or write a visual essay, introduce graphing rational functions or demonstrate the nature of science, more and more educators were using HSTRY as a presentation tool to better engage their students.

We also noticed some use HSTRY to tell other kinds of stories - from travel logs to a blossoming romance. Businesses have also adopted the tool and have created product roadmaps, onboarded clients and shared their team strategies.

We realised that a change in product philosophy could help a broad swath of teachers, their students, and learners of all kinds and we've been working hard over the last couple of months to introduce a new identity, Sutori, to help us reflect that. We have shared in more detail why we decided to make the switch on our own blog.

An educational Sutori timeline

Organisations and charities have also started to use our storytelling platform for various uses:

We’re proud that Sutori is now the easiest and best way to create and share your story. In a few clicks you can add any type of media and collaborate with your friends and colleagues in real-time. As you’ll have seen above, all these stories can be shared and embedded onto any website or blog... We’re delighted to now be able to offer our services to those working outside of the education system.

If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly at or you can find us on Twitter at @SutoriApp and of course on our new website,

Thomas Ketchell is CEO & Co-founder of Sutori. Sutori is a client of Boncerto.