Meet the Leader: The Changing Face of Wealth

by Peter Cafferkey | Posted on 15 January 2020

Peter Cafferkey of Boncerto quoted in this article for Meet the Leader on the next generation of giving.

The bridge between the youngest gen X and oldest gen Y (more commonly known as millennials) is marked by a rise of technology, but also increasingly evident environmental and economic instability. Having come of age during the 2008 global recession, younger UHNWIs have proven to be quite risk-averse compared to their predecessors – particularly when it comes to investing – while a craving for socially conscious impact and positive experience has seen this rise in philanthropic giving. 

Yet, in 2017 alone, millennial donors gave £2.7bn to charity; according to a Fidelity Charitable study, 77% of wealthy, passionate and idealistic millennials and 72% of gen X donors have funnelled funds into impact investments – those aiding the environment, technology (companies including Tesla, for example) and areas such as gender diversity and affordable housing – while also generating a return. By contrast, among older generations impact investments make up just 30% of their portfolios. 

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Image: Patrick Tomasoo, Unsplash